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GCA-07W Professional Digital Geiger Counter

The Only Geiger Counter You'll Ever Have To Buy

  • APPLICATIONS and USES: Personal Radiation Detector and Survey Meter: Domestic Preparedness: Education and Nuclear experiments: Emergency Services: Post-Accident Response. Compliance Verification and Radiation Screening for Wastes and other materials.
  • PROVEN TRACK RECORD for detecting and measuring nuclear radiation in hospitals, medical research, college laboratories, industrial settings, transport containers, top soil, granite tables, scrap metal, oil fields, and interior spaces.
  • FAST, ACCURATE and EASY TO USE. Detects a broad spectrum nuclear radiation, including low energy background radiation
  • AMERICAN MADE GM TUBE. Assembled in the USA. USA Tech Support.

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Radiation Detected Ionizing Radiation Detected
Beta, X-rays and Gamma Radiation. Operates in Survey Meter Mode and CPM for background radiation reading modes.
Education Online resources Online Education
Nuclear Experiments, Radiation Calculator, Radiation Safety
Time Configuration Time Measurement Window
Selectable Time Modes; Counts Per Second (CPS) or Counts Per Minutes (CPM)
Free WIN Graphing Software Free WIN PC Graphing Software
Graphing and charting software features: Threshold alarms, CPS, CPM, CPH and CPD modes. Graphs in lines, bars, 3D lines and 3D bars.

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