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Nitinol Products Index

Has moved. Click on above link to go to latest Nitinol Product Index webpage.

Nitinol Products Index With Pictures

Flexinol® Wire - Flexinol Wire - various diameters BioMetal Silent Robotic Arm - BioMetal shape memory alloy
Precrimped Flexinol® Wire - Precrimped ring terminals and barrel crimps to custom lengths of nitinol wire Nitinol Heat Engine - converts heat to kinetic energy
Biometal Fiber - Biometal Fiber elongates by itself after contraction BioMetal Inchworm Walker Biometal Fiber powered inchworm
BioMetal Helix - Stretches to twice its length Flexinol® Butterfly - gently flaps wings, transformer included
Nitinol Expansion Spring - heated contracts to 29mm Flexinol® Air Valve - Simple electronic air valve
Nitinol Compression Spring - Can be pressed to 16 mm Nitinol Memory Wire - Educational Science Kit
Nitinol Memory Wire NanoMuscle Linear Nitinol Actuator
NanoMuscle Rotary Nitinol Actuators MOSFET Switch for Actuators