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Speech Recognition Technology


Speech Recognition Circuit - Speech Recognition Circuit, recognizes up to 40 words, any language. Neoprene Pressure Sensor
Speech Recognition Interfaces - Available with TTL output (SRI-03), electrical power relays (SRI-02) Circular Knit Stretch Sensor
Speech Controlled Robotic Arm - OWI Robotic Arm controlled by words that you program it to obey Neoprene Flex Sensor


Piezofilm Speaker Kit
Electrocardiogram (ECG) Heart Monitor - Learn about the inner workings of the heart while at the same time covering the stage-by-stage electronic circuit theory


Curie Effect Heat Engine - Explore the effects of Ferromagnetism with this Curie Effect heat engine PIC Servo Motor Controller - Tutorial on servomotors; includes 2 servo motors and accesories
Geiger Counter - Build your own Geiger Counter PIC Stepper Motor Controller - Tutorial on stepper motors; includes 1 stepper motor and accesories
Motion Control - Servo Motor Controllers - 4, 5 and 8 servo motor controller boards allow you to independtly contol and program servo motor movements. Digital Meter Adapter - This adapter displays a Count Per Second (CPS) or a Count Per Minute (CPM) and the equivalent radiation level for Analog Geiger Counters
Superconductor Kits - Varied experiments demonstrating levitation and energy storage. PIC LED - Tutorial on binary number system, logic and I/O of ports A & B
Solar Energy Kits - Various Solar energy kits and products: engines, cars, sun dancer, etc.


Laser Diode Power Supply C-Bot - The C-Bot tracker is based on the object tracking technology developed at Carnegie Mellon for the CMU-01 Camera.
Fun With Magnetism - Products and Kits. Explore the properites of magentism with these fun kits. 6 Servo Motor Robotic Arm RA-02 - Teaches basic robotic principles. Kit includes all components necessary to build the robotic arm
Semiconductors and Electronic Components OWI-535 Robotic Arm Trainer - Teaches basic robotic sensing and locomotion principles while testing motor skills as you build and control the arm
3D LED Cube PC Interface Kit / OWI Robotic Arm - The robotic arm interface kit connects OWI's 007 Robotic Arm Trainer (tm) to a personal computer
UFO Detector Kit Robotic Base - Make a rotating base for your next robot, supports 50 lbs or more, includes everything you need to construct a rotating servo motor base.
Random Number Generator - a lab quality instrument. It uses the immutable randomness of radioactivity decay to generate random numbers. SphereBot - This robot is capable of writing or drawing on real or plastic eggs.
ESP/PSI Tester Kit - The manual ESP/PSI tester kit is an interesting human input Random Number Generator (RNG) device that may be use to check ESP / PSI, and the mind?s ability to influence random events.

High Voltage

Breath Pacer Lamp Kit - There are many reported benefits of slow, focused breathing, such as reduced blood pressure and stress, with greater focus and concentration. High Voltage Plasma Generator - Generates 2” sparks to handheld screwdriver, Light fluorescent tubes without wires, Build your own Plasma Balls

Motion Control for Servomotors

Negative Ion Generator - Generates negative ions and blows air without any moving parts
SMC-04 - Four Servomotor Controller. Both Windows PC and manual control - Free Windows Program High Voltage Power Supply - General purpose high voltage supply. Uses; kirlian photography, negative ion generator, HeNe laser power supply, etc
SMC-05 - Five Servomotor Controller. Both Windows PC and manual control - Free Windows Program  
SMC-08 - Eight Servomotor Controller. Windows PC control - Free Windows Program