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DMAD Digital Meter Adapter for Analog Geiger Counters

Adding a Digital Meter and Functions to Analog Geiger Counters

DMAD Expansion Module for Geiger Counters

Digital Meter AdapterThe Digital Meter Adapter is a expansion module for adding digital functions to Analog Geiger Counters that have a pulse output. If you're geiger counter outputs a ttl pulse for every radioactive particle it detects, your Geiger counter will connect to Images SI Inc.'s DMAD Digital Meter Adapter.

The DMAD has three functionalities to enhance the capabilities of Analog Geiger Counters. It counts pulse from analog geiger counter and convert reading into radiation level. Both count data and radiation level is displayed on the LCD display. Has a serial output that is compatible with Images USB-TTL cable interface. The serial output and USB cable may be used with Images SI Inc.'s free radiation monitoring and graphing software.

DMAD Functionality

Countable Pulse Resolution & Range 1 Count Per Minute (CPM) - 9,360 Counts Per Second (CPS)
Radiation Resolution & Range 1.0 uR/hr - 655 mR/hr
(Metric) .01 uSv/hr - 6.5 mSv/hr

Shown with optional stand (not included)

Random Number Generator Functionality
This adapter plugs into the digital out of the analog geiger counters and provides a random number each time a radioactive particle is detected. The geiger counter is set up to read background radiation. The random numbers generated are truly random since they are based naturally occurring radioactivity.
The random number generate may be set to the following ranges:

Random Number Generator Screen
1-2 (Binary/Heads or Tails)

The random number generator is compatible with analog meter geiger counters that use either DMAD Setupan internal tube or a wand with shielded cable.

Typically, depending upon location, the generator will generate 20-40 random numbers per minute. TTL Serial Output Random numbers are sent out via a TTL serial port that may be interfaced to a micro controller or PC.

Serial Functionality
This Digital Adapter also provides an serial output. When used in combination with Images USB-TTL cable the DMAD outputs data to Images Company Geiger Counter Graphing program.

Radiation Detection Program                     USB-TTL Cable

The Windows Geiger Counter program is free to download:

Download Digital Geiger Counter charting software for Windows XP (3 MB).

New 2014 Digital Geiger Counter charting software for Windows XP (3 MB).
for non-commercial use only*
LCD Screen Closeup
LCD Display16 character by 2 line LCD (liquid crystal display) with back light provides easy to read output.

May be Purchased as a kit or assembled and tested.

* Commercial Applications must be licensed

Acrylic DMAD stand

DMAD-03 - $59.95
Digital Meter Adapter Kit (Kit Requires Assembly)

DMAD-03A - $89.95
Digital Meter Adapter (Assembled and Tested)

*Requires Analog Geiger Counter with pulse otuput GCK-01, GCK-02 or GCA-03 or equiv.

USB-3.5mm - 24.95

Acrylic Stand - $10.95

Choose Kit or Assembled:

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