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loading... GCA-03 Analog/ Digital Meter Geiger Counter

Geiger Counter GCA-03
Analog / Digital Meter

Key Features

  • Measures: Alpha, Beta, X-ray and Gamma Radiation
  • Configurable Measurement Window
  • USB Connection to Computer


  • Education - Classroom demonstrations and experiments
  • Emergency Services and Domestic Preparedness
  • HAZMAT and Compliance Verification
  • Dirty Bomb Screening and EMT's

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Analog Digital Meter

Analog Digital Meter

Key Features

  • 8-12VDC or 5VDC power supply input
  • Counts TTL pulses from Analog Geiger Counter
  • Outputs Digital Counts Per Second (CPS) value
  • Outputs radiation level (imperial / metric)
  • LCD Backlight
  • Available as a kit or assembled

The Analog Digital Radiation Meter counts the pulse output of a standard analog geiger counter to provide a visual readout of the CPS, approximate radiation level (imperial/metric) and analog radiation field strength meter.

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16F88 temp. and humidity sensors

16F88 PICBasic Pro Projects Board

Key Features

  • LCD Display - backlight and contrast control
  • 2 A/D Channels
  • 8 digital I/O lines
  • 5V and 9V operation

Free student version of PICBASIC PRO and Microcode Studio included

The 16F88 PICBasic Projects Board allows you to easily connect a variety of sensors to the built in A/D converter.

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Round Chaos ESP Lamp

ESP Lamp

Test your PSI abilities using one of our ESP Lamps.

The ESP Lamp is a quantum device tool that allows the user to perform their own PSI experiments.

Do you have the capability to influence the output of the RNG, (Psychokinesis)

Can you predict the next color output from the lamp (precognition)?

Can someone read the color of what another person is seeing (telepathy)?

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GCA-01A Analog Geiger Counter

Analog Geiger Counter GCA-01

Key Features

  • Detects: Beta, Gamma and X-Rays. Beta radiation above 36 KeV, X-Rays above 36 KeV, Gamma radiation above 7 KeV
  • Digital Output Port
  • External Power Jack
  • Headphone/Analog Meter

Accurate Radiation Detection for under $100

The GCA-01 Geiger Counter is a general purpose radiation detecting instrument. It's primary radiation indicators are an audio click and an LED blink each time a radioactive particle is detected. Detects: beta, gamma and X-Rays.

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Limited Edition Kirlian Print

Kirlian Photography

The book will guide readers to shoot Kirlian photographs using digital cameras. Whether you’re a beginner or pro, you will find the instructional information to shoot brilliant Kirlian photographs.

The book will include step-by-step instructions for building a variety of DIY Kirlian photography devices and accessories.

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