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Radioactive Isotope Sources (International)


Radioactive isotopes are drop-shipped from a different location and can not be returned or refunded.

Countries requiring prior approval

  1. The following countries require prior approval from the proper agency within their country to receive Radioactive Material from outside the country. Please contact your country's agency and supply Images Scientific Instruments with authorization prior to placing your order. If you need information about your agency it is listed in the ICAO/IATA regulations, section 2.8.2 or contact Images Scientific Instruments and we will forward the information to you.
Australia Egypt Malaysia
Bahrain Fiji Oman
Belgium France Saudi Arabia
Brazil Hong Kong Singapore
Canada, values greater than IAEA India Sri Lanka
exempt quantity limits Iran Ukraine
China Kyrgyz United Arab Emirates
Croatia Macao (China)  
  1. International regulations control the isotope and activity that can be exported and shipped internationally.
Below is a list of Images Scientific Instruments standard Sources and Activities.
These Sources and Activities can be exported and shipped internationally.
Below is a list of isotopes and the maximum activity that can be shipped internationally.
Please be aware of your country's regulations before placing your order.
If your country permits users to receive higher activity sources, you must notify us at time of order.
Images Scientific Instruments
Standard Isotopes and Activities
Nuclide (Item #) (uCi)
Ba133 1
C-14 10
Cd-109 1
Co-57 1
Co-60 1
Cs-137 0.25
Eu-152 1
Eu-154 1
EU-155 1
Fe-55 25
I-125 (test tube) 0.25
Mn-54 1
Na-22 1
Po-210 0.1
Sn-113 1
Sr-90 0.1
Tl-204 0.25
Zn-65 1
Maximum Activity
for International Shipment
Nuclide (Item #) (uCi) Bq Bq
Ba133 10 4.E+05 370000
C-14 100 4.E+06 3700000
Cd-109 10 4.E+05 370000
Co-57 25 9.E+05 925000
Co-60 1 4.E+04 37000
Cs-137 0.25 9.E+03 9250
Cr-51 100 4.E+06 3700000
Eu-152 1 4.E+04 37000
Eu-154 1 4.E+04 37000
EU-155 1 4.E+04 37000
Fe-55 25 9.E+05 925000
I-125 (test tube) 0.25 9.E+03 9250
Mn-54 10 4.E+05 370000
Na-22 10 4.E+05 370000
Po-210 0.1 4.E+03 3700
Sn-113 10 4.E+05 370000
Sr-90 0.1 4.E+03 3700
Tl-204 0.25 9.E+03 9250
Zn-65 10 4.E+05 370000

Radioactive isotopes are drop-shipped from a different location & can not be returned or refunded.

All international orders must include an appropriate Lead Shielded Disc Container.

Email Gina McNeil ( for international pricing and eligibility

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Source Certificates

Several types of source certificates are available for an additional fee. All certificates must be ordered at the same time the source is ordered.

Certificate of Origin: Certifies that the product is manufactured in Oak Ridge Tennessee, Anderson County United States of America.

SC-O - $55.00
Source Certificate of Origin

Certificate of Compliance: Certifies that the source is in compliance with the US NRC and DOT regulation and that the surface has been wipe tested.

SC-Compliance - $25.00
Source Certificate of Compliance

Certificate of Calibration: Certifies that the source has been calibrated, list intensity, emission and uncertainty. (Only available for Gamma sources.)

SC-Calibration - $157.00
Source Certificate of Calibration

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Uranium Ore

Uranium Ore

Radioactive uranium ore sample.

Useful for testing Geiger Counters.
License exempt.
Uranium ore sample sizes vary.
Shipped in labeled metal container as shown.

Each radioactive ore sample is measured with A GCA-04W Digital Geiger Counter. Activity of alpha, beta and gamma in Counts Per Minute (CPM) is provided along with measurement certification. Ore samples typically have one area that is more radioactive than other areas. Measurement of radioactivity is taken from the most radioactive portion of the sample.

Shipping Information:

We are always in compliance with Section 13 from part 40 of the NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission rules and regulations and Postal Service regulations specified in 49 CFR 173.421 for activity limits of low level radioactive materials. Item will be shipped in accordance with Postal Service activity limits specified in Publication 52.

Radioactive minerals are for educational and scientific use only.

Sale of uranium ore is in compliance with all U.S. Federal regulations (Part 40) and NY State Regulations (10 NYCRR Part 16 and 12 NYCRR Part 38) as defined under Appendix A exemptions.

UR-01 - $39.95 

Uranium Ore (500 cpm - 1,000 cpm) 

UR-02 - $74.95 

Uranium Ore (1,000 cpm - 2,000 cpm) 

UR-03 - $120.95 

Uranium Ore (above 3,000 cpm) 

UR-04 - $150.95 

Uranium Ore (above 10,000 cpm) 

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Lead Shielded Disc Source Containers

For 1-2 sources of >5 uCi, the LSD1 Lead Shield simplifies shipping problems and offers ultra-safe storage of sources. Now painted on both sides for safety.
Lead Disc Source Container - 1 disc capacity LSD4 For 1-8 sources, the LSD4 simplifies both shipment, and storage of your disk sources. Painted on both sides for safety, an entire set of eight sources will fit inside the LSD4

Lead Disc Source Container - 8 disc capacity

Lead Disc Source Container - 20 disc capacity

With a wall thickness of 0.5", this LSD5 lead shield container is suitable for higher activity sources. Holds up to 20 1" discs. Outside Dimensions: 3.6" x 2.25", Interior Dimensions: 2.65" X 1.25", 0.5" thick, approximately 4.6 lbs weight, painted exterior.

LSD1 - $24.00

Lead Shielded Disc Container (Capacity 1 disc) 

LSD4 - $30.00

Lead Shielded Disc Container (Capacity 8 discs) 

LSD5 - $48.00
Lead Shielded Disc Container (Capacity 20 discs)

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