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Geiger Graph Software

Program Interface description:

The main interface comprises of following components:

The main graph on which the values will be plotted.

Time options frame. This allows user to select different time units (Second, Minute, Hour, Day). For example, if you set the time unit to Second, then the program will count the radiation levels perrsecond, and plot. If you set it to Minute, the program will count radiation levels per minute, and plot.

Graph type frame. This allows user to switch between different views of graph (Line Chart, 3D Line Chart, Bar Chart and 3D Bar Chart).

Plot frame. This comprises of the Start button which starts the capturing of data and plotting process. When capturing is in progress, the same button will act as a Stop button, which stops capturing and plotting process.

Graph frame. This comprises of a Clear button which clears the graph, a Save button which saves values to the active file, a Save As button which allows to select a different file for saving, and Viewer button which launches the Viewer.

To learn about all the features of our software download our software manual here.

Download Links for Images Radiation Graphing Software (Freeware):

Digital Geiger Counter Graphing software for Windows 7/8  (1 MB).

* NEW 2014 Digital Geiger Counter Graphing software for Windows XP V2  (2.5 MB).

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Geiger Counter Graphing Pro coming soon.